My Workout Routine

by - May 15, 2015

Hey! I'm in Pune right now. It just rained here, in spite of summer.
Anyway, yesterday I'd mentioned how the Daily Workouts app is my personal trainer. I'll just tell you what all exercises I do out of those mentioned in the app.

Before my finals, I did a different set of exercises; but now I do different. I'll talk about the exercises that I do now.

I start with Abs. In it, I do all, except plank; plank I do just until my 10 counts.

Next I do Cardio. In Cardio, I skip step-ups, as I don't have any furniture that would be of appropriate height for this exercise.

Then, as I'm panting like crazy after this cardio, I go for lighter exercises--Arms.
In Arms, I skip the last two. Also, for Half Push Ups and Reverse Bridge Dips, I count only till ten. I avoid anything heavy for arms, to save myself from growing muscles! 

Then lastly, amongst the Butt exercises, I just do Squats. If I do more of Butt exercises, chances are that my thighs grow all muscular too. And only I would know they are muscles; for others, I would be someone with fat thighs!

So this is my workout routine.

Lots of Love. Keep exercising!

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