One Night in Pune

by - May 03, 2015

Hey! So my busy week ends today. I'm glad I'm finally free.

Waiting for sweetlime juice

I'd been to Pune for my second home's Ganesh Pujan, which is done before entering a new house. The two days were splendid.

I, mom, dad, brother, and my aunt left yesterday at 6:30 in the morning for Pune. The muhurta for the pooja was at 10:37, and we reached the house at 9:30.

We started cleaning down the place. Dad and I broomed the living room, and mom was preparing stuff for the pooja. Later, dad and brother fixed the stove; we're too happy about the stove, as it is new, and has a glass top and three burners. My cousin brother, who has his house above ours, came down, and brought a gas cylinder from his house; they attached the cylinder to the stove.

At 10:37, my aunt welcomed my dad and mom in the house, by performing some ritual. As the muhurta was of 10:37, my parents had to step inside the house  exactly at 10:37, which they did.
My parents placed the idols on a plank, and lit up diya and incense sticks. We offered the gods flowers and a pinch of haldi-kunku individually.

Later, in order to calm down the new stove and the Fire God, there's a ritual to let the milk boil and allow it to spill down from the vessel while doing so. After that, my mom started preparing the sheera (with bananas in it!). We offered it to the gods, and later ate it up, with vada and bhajjis next to it.

My cousin brother and uncles were there too. We gave them the food as well. We also distributed pedhas amongst us. We chit-chatted, and at 11:00, we started getting ready for my cousin sister's marriage.
We met all the relatives there, and it was fun to meet them.

After coming home, my aunt and I went out for a work. After coming back, we saw that there was just dad home and others were gone for work like choosing curtain clothes, buying mirrors, etc.

We came home, and I made the three of us tea. In a while, our new bed was home! Along with its mattress, we got a double bedsheet set and pillows free; the bedsheet set is amazing.

My mom and brothers came home. They had purchased a mirror and bathroom fixtures. Then my cousin brother and I went down to buy stuff.
We bought maggi packets for dinner, ketchup, biscuits, and LED bulbs for bathrooms. Unfortunately, I lost my money on my way back home. We went back again to a shop to give Rs. 30 to a lady for sweetlime juice.

We came home and then cooked maggi and had it. I loved it; no cellphone by my side, and having maggi as dinner, which was a bit weird, as we don't have maggi much.

After that, we went upstairs to the terrace for a walk. We spoke, and then came down. Until we came down, my dad had already arranged the mattresses. I slept next to my aunt, and my two brothers slept next to each other. At 1:00, I realized my net pack was over, and then I decided to sleep.

Next day (today), I woke up at 8:45. My aunt was getting ready as she had to leave for Mumbai by a bus. I brushed and it was so different; everything seemed so different. As the rooms are big and there's no furniture, the house seems so, so huge.
I prepared tea for us, and we sat down drinking it, while having biscuits that we had bought yesterday.

After this, around 11:00, my cousin brother and I were lying down on the new bed. I was reading a book, and he was playing Angry Birds on my phone. That room is so pleasant, so quiet. In spite of the Pune's 38 degrees, the room was cool and shadowy. I was so engrossed in the book, that I finished reading it. I wanted to read more of it. I loved the book!

After that, at 1:00, my cousin brother and I went down to buy lunch. We bought masala dosas. After having the lunch, my other aunt and her daughter, i.e., my cousin sister, came home. We showed them the house and then chatted about general things.

We rested till 3:15, and then started preparing for Mumbai. We got ready, had tea, closed down the windows, and made sure everything was secured. We left for Mumbai, with smiles on our faces, as we were too happy about the new house, and the life at Pune.

P.S. Sorry if the language is not that clear; I am tired but didn't feel like giving up on today's post. Please bear with me for today. 

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