Felicitated for Topping Semester V

by - May 06, 2015

It's indeed a very late update; I was felicitated on the 29th of last month, and today is 6th May; I am a week late. I had no other option; I was so busy, that I couldn't mention about it here. And again, there were timely posts that were supposed to be written on TPCG, and given priority.

Better late than never. Here's my diary for the day:

Guests: Vinod Ganatra (Director, Producer, Editor), Pooja Ghai (Model, Actress, Wedding Planner), and
Kunwar Amardeep Singh (Dancer, Actor)

So while I was watching TV, I got an unknown call. I answered it, and there was a young woman on the other side inviting me for an awards ceremony; she told me that all the toppers of colleges under Mumbai University were invited, from the field of BMM. Firstly, I hesitated a bit. Traveling all the way to Matunga, where the ceremony was to take place, was a bit painstaking. I hate Mumbai locals and I hate Mumbai's heat. But then when in the invitation, I read there was a free ride by Uber cabs, I changed my mind. I also thought I must attend this ceremony, as I had deserved to get an award. I asked my parents if they were free on the 29th, and my mom said she was; she had to attend a thread ceremony in the morning, but said that she could somehow manage it for me.

(By the way, if you want free Uber rides, use the promo code RUTUJAB2UE.)

I was planning outfits, and I had decided to buy a pair of classy, formal black coloured heels to go with the top. But then I realized only two days were left for the ceremony, and they wouldn't deliver the shoes that quickly. I dropped the idea, therefore.

So the day arrived. My mom came back from the thread ceremony, and rested for a while. We started getting ready, thankfully, under the cool air due to AC. I wore my black floral Bossini shirt, along with grey trousers, a pair of brown bellies, and my favourite black coloured handbag.
I booked the cab, and the car arrived in five minutes. We sat in it, and reached the destination half-hour earlier.

We registered my name, and had yummy sandwiches, batata vada, tea, and Rio drink as refreshments. I felt so good to be there, in one of India's best B-schools. I indeed was proud of myself.

The ceremony began at 5:00. There was a dance performance, a presentation, and speeches by the guests. We finally received our awards at around 7:00, and then was the time for lucky draw. I got a gift hamper by Gatsby. They announced my number, and I was on cloud 9. I even told the man giving me the hamper that I was never so lucky. (I am never so lucky to win lucky draws.)

We left the b-school, and caught a train towards my house, of course, with pride and smiles on our faces.

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