Favourites // April

by - May 04, 2015

Hey! Without much talking, let me get straight to the favourites of April:

Free for Next Decision // Remember I had attempted PIWAT for my dream university? Well, it happens that I couldn't make through it. The university was Symbiosis International University. I am disheartened, but at the same time, I'm glad I'm free from the waiting and can finally think about some other university now.

Reading // Be it the preppy tag as the bookmark, or simply the amazing That Monroe Girl book, I had fun reading. I seriously recommend you guys to read that book; it's superb.

Felicitation // I was felicitated for topping Semester V in my college, in a B-School; it was a moment of pride.

Lucky Draw Hamper // I am so bad at luck. I don't know how but I won this hamper by Gatsby in the lucky draw.

Farewell // Three years of BMM are over; I feel so sad. But to cheer us up, our juniors threw a farewell; the farewell was short, sweet, and subtle.

Outfits // I wrote three outfits posts in the month of April...back-to-back. Check them out here: Evening and Dinner
Farewell 2015
Summer Travel

Arts Festival // I had been to an arts festival with my friends. I'd never been to one before, and so I was happy.

Red Lipstick // I had one red colored lipstick earlier too; but this one seems legitimate. I purchased a lipstick by Elle 18.

New Home // I don't believe we have another house. The house is totally gorgeous!

Free from Exams // Yay!

Green Tea // I drank green tea almost every day in this month. I also wrote three posts on green tea:

Studies // I loved all the supplies I used while studying!
Also, here are posts related to studies and exams:

Last Minute Study Guide post // If you haven't checked out this post, then do it already! It is one of my favourite posts on TPCG.

Little Hearts storage // These cute guys helped me to organize my pins and clips!

How to Start Studying post // Another super-hit post of April.

Stick Notes // For a change, I did not use the stick notes like a miser this sem. I used them absolutely any time and at any place. I would really love to show you my study material of this sem; comment below if you are excited about it too!

Saw CM of Maharashtra // I really like it when I see celebrities or famous personalities, even if they are not that famous. I saw Pooja Ghai, Kunwar Amardeep Singh, and the best of all--Devendra Fadanvis--the Chief Minister of Maharashtra!

What are your April favourites? x

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