Kolhapur Diaries (May 2015) // Day 1

by - May 18, 2015

Day 1

We got up at around 9:00 in the morning, at Pune. We had to leave for Kolhapur today. We got up, had breakfast, and went to my cousin's new flat. We came back, had lunch, had bath, and started getting ready.
I'd worn a navy blue Forever 21 crop top, my mom's pink salwar, golden flats, and a black handbag. I also had a small sized stroller.

We left for Pune's bus station--Swargate--to catch a bus for Kolhapur. We did not reserve the seats before, and did it at Swargate itself. My uncle dropped us at Swargate. We took four tickets, which were right behind the driver's seat. We were four: me, my two younger brothers, and a younger cousin sister, who people say looked like me when we were kids.

It was too tiresome. We had seven bags: two handbags, one stroller, two duffle bags, one food-bag, and one backpack. And on top of that, Pune's scotching heat.

We got into the bus. I initially sat next to my youngest cousin brother--Padmanabh. We had wafers, cakes, and then listened to songs on my cellphone. Our side was, sadly, the sun-side. Sun's rays were falling straight on us, and we regretted booking tickets on this side of the bus. We left Swargate at around 3:30.

Then after two hours or so, we got down for a break. We purchased water bottles, snacks, and drinks. In the second half of the journey, my cousin sister--Janhavi--was next to me. We both have a history of laughing uncontrollably without any sane reason. So this time too, well, we were laughing in the bus. My cousin sister is two years younger to me; but whenever she is with me, I happen to be of her age or even younger.

I  was so desperate to go on a stable land. The journey from Pune to Kolhapur is of 4 and half hours (or more). Finally, we reached the Bus Depot. of Kolhapur at 8:15. My cousin sister's dad had come to receive us. I went home, sitting behind him on his Activa, with a luggage bag. Soon, my cousins, who were going to come there by an auto rickshaw and then buy a cake for my aunt's birthday, came home too. They were exchanging looks as if they had stolen a diamond necklace and had hidden it somewhere.
Confidentially, I asked one of them where they had hidden the cake, and he replied that it was in the storage of the Activa!

We then changed to the comfortable pajamas and tees. At 9:15, we started helping aunt to make sandwiches; the sandwiches were yummy! While having the sandwiches, we were watching an old Bollywood movie--Khel Khel Mein--on the Home Theatre.

Soon, it was 12:00, and you know, it was the cake-cutting time!

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