April 2015 Fab Bag Review

by - May 07, 2015

Hey there! My Fab Bag arrived yesterday.

It's a zebra print!

Here's the content inside.

Malavara Body Wash and Body Lotion
This comes in a pack, as both of them are in same fragrance--Lime Vetiver. Both are 60 ml each.

Body Wash
First of all, I personally love gel-based shower gels; they're best if you have anything but dry skin. Gel ones are great for oily, combination, and normal skin-type; whereas cream ones are great for normal and dry skin. So if you have oily, combination, or normal skin, then viola! This one would be just perfect for you.
The fragrance is amazing, and if you smell your body after applying, you will still get the fragrance. It's lime, so you know how magical the shower-scenes will be.
But, I guess it dries up your skin. But for that, there's a savior: the body lotion!
 Price: Rs. 300 for 60ml

Body Lotion
 I liked this lotion because it is not sticky, unlike many lotions available in stores. It is a watery cream, and that makes it easy to apply, and doesn't make skin too greasy. Also, there's only light fragrance of it, so the night-time is a great time (especially if you have a super-strong nose as mine). 
 Price: Rs. 390 for 60ml

Kama Ayurveda Night Cream and Face Cleanser
 This one isn't a pack. They are just two different products. Both of them are 5g each.

Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream
I don't know how to review night creams, simply because we cannot measure their effects. So I will just talk about its application. 
The cream is sticky. I was under the AC and yet I felt sticky on my face. So for an oily skin or anything near to oily skin, this product might be too greasy, especially if you sleep without AC (in summers, that is).
Price: Rs. 1195 for 50g

Kama Ayurveda Soap-Free Face Cleanser
Non-soap cleansers are just not meant for me. But still, I'll use it when I'll be home, or when I won't need to wash my face that desperately.
Price: Rs. 295 for 40g

Sebastian Potion 9 (Wearable Styling Treatment)
Finally, I've got the answer: Hair products are NOT meant for me. So I'm gonna give this to my best friend. 
This potion is greasy, needless to say. And as always, it made my hair oilier. So if you have dry, dead mane, this is something you could try. I don't know how these hair products are different from each other, because they do the same thing on my hair: free oiling.
This is 50ml.
Price: Rs. 1650 for 150ml


Brocato Curlinterrupted
Again a hair product, which means, I will not be that great to review it. More than that, it's for curls. I have straight plus wavy hair, so this is not for my hair-type, and therefore, I might not be eligible to review the product.
But again, it's greasy. 
This product has 25ml inside it.
Price: Rs. 375 for 25ml

Palladio Rosey Plum 4E1 lipstick
Unfortunately, I had two similar shades already. This would have been my third lipstick with the same shade. I have one by Streetwear and the other by Colorbar USA. With an enormously heavy heart, I'm gonna trade this lipstick with a friend. This shade has light sparkles on it, which makes it look sparkly and perfect for parties.
It's a herbal lipstick, by the way.
Price: Rs. 1,000

Applied the hair products and the gorgeous lipstick.

That's it pretty ladies. Don't forget to check out October's Fab Bag review by me. x

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