Camel Oil Pastels

by - May 11, 2015

I'd received this box of oil pastel crayons on the Farewell day, from the department of BMM as the Class Representative of our class. I'd also got a sketching-book along with this.

There was a pencil and a scraping tool free inside the box. The box has some really lovely shades.

Aren't these shades just perfect?
The box costs Rs. 80, and it is available in any stationary and crafts store. It also has a place to write our name and the class we're in, which makes it perfect for kids, in case you're planning to gift them this.

I'm too excited to use the crayons. I had kept them intact for this post. Now as the plastic has been broken and a post written, I can freely use these amazing pastels.

Which crayons do you use?

Buy them for Rs. 60 (click on the image to buy):

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