Mother's Day Gift Ideas

by - May 10, 2015

Hey! I know it is a bit too late for this post. But you can always gift your mother, no matter which day it is. So here's my list of gifts that you can give to your beloved mother:

If you're unsure of why you should buy one of these, read my tips below.

 1 | Scarf | Be it in bold shapes or plain coloured, scarves are one of the best options. As it is May month, scarves are really essential tool to help your mom stay protected from the sun.
TPCG's pick: Eco Genes Women's Scarf

2 | Sunglasses | Help your mom in retaining her old fashionista-self with these gorgeous pair of sunglasses, this May.
 TPCG's pick: Fastrack Oversized Sunglasses

3 | Lipstick | Every mom has that one shade she swears by to use every time she has to attend a wedding. If that lipstick's running out, you can gift her the same shade; but if you want her to break her comfort zone and try a new shade, or even try a lipstick for the first time, go on to purchase a new one. Start with light hues like baby pink. This will give her comfort, yet she will start using a lipstick, finally!
 TPCG's pick: Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick

4 | Music CD | You can either gift her a CD with all her favourite songs, or can download her favourites and put them in her cellphone. She will really cherish this gift. I picked this CD because the singer, Manna Dey, is one of my mom's favourites.
 TPCG's pick: Evergreen Manna Dey

 5 | Anti-ageing Cream | If your mom is like mine, who never applies such creams, then now is the chance to gift her a bottle of anti-ageing cream, and compel her to apply it every day. As you are home due to the vacations, you can yourself apply it on her face, and massage it everyday, and see how happy she'll be.
My aunt gave my mom a sample night cream, and as always my mom had totally forgotten about it. So now, every night, I compel her to wash her face, and then I ask her to apply it, or I apply on her face, followed by a massage.
TPCG's pick: Olay Total Effects

6 | Recipe Book | I know that your mom loves cooking, and also that she watches the cooking shows on TV. So why not gift her a recipe book that she would love absolutely? After all, it's you who is going to be benefited by it! (I know; I am the most evil daughter in this world.)
TPCG's pick: No Onion No Garlic: Recipes to Keep Life Simple

 7 | Sling Bag | Every mom is that person who goes in the market for vegetable and grocery shopping. Why don't you gift her a small sling bag that would help her keep the cash, receipts, and her cellphone inside? It'll be much easier to hang it around her shoulders and pay the shopkeepers at ease.
TPCG's pick: Daphne Women's Sling Bag

8 | Movie CD | You can either gift her favourite movie CD, or watch a movie with motherhood as the theme. You will have a great mother-daughter/son time!
TPCG's pick: Mother India

9| Earrings | What can be better than gifting your mom a pair of cute studs? She would love them and they will always remind her of you.
 TPCG's pick: Mahi Daily Wear Fashion Stud Earring

10 | Apron | Indian moms are too simple to wear aprons while cooking. Well, most of them are. So gift your mom an apron, this Mother's Day. And what better than having "World's Best Mom!" printed on it?
TPCG's pick: Apron & Chef Cap

11 | Watch | Finally, if you are too tired of seeing same watch on her wrist everyday, invest in a new one. This TPCG's pick is golden, classy, and costs less than Rs. 700!
TPCG's pick: Jainx Womens Golden Analouge Watch

  You can gift her one of the above products, or simply pamper her with cooking lunch, dinner, or helping her with the day-to-day chores.

What are you gifting your mom today?

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