Kolhapur Diaries (May 2015) // Day 2

by - May 19, 2015

I remember, back in 2008, we had gone to Goa, this time of the year, with my extended family.

Day 2

My aunt's birthday is on the 19th of May. So when it was 11:58, Padmanabh arranged a table, a knife, and went down to get the cake. At 12:00 exact, he ran towards his mom, who was asleep, to wish her.
She cut the cake, and we sang a birthday song for her. After that, we went inside to sleep.

I was supposed to sleep in between the two brothers, but an unfortunate incident happened, which made me sleep in between the other brother--Ishan--and Janhavi. The incidence is a bit funny. The two siblings--Janhavi and Padmanabh--were fighting, and then while Padmanabh was entering the room where we were to sleep, he slipped down over the water of the cooler. He got hurt too badly, and so crying, he went to sleep next to his mom. That's how my sister came besides me.

I got such a blissful sleep. I woke up at 9:15, and found the house to be quiet. I was surprised, as Padmanabh always happens to get up first and then trouble everybody who is still asleep. I noticed that Janhavi was missing, and that Ishan was still asleep, with the blanket all over his face.

I got up and saw that Padmanabh was still asleep, and that Janhavi had gone to meet her friend who was to leave for Bangalore tomorrow. I quietly folded the blanket, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and drank a glass of water. I spoke with my aunt and uncle, while the house was still quiet. I had tea with biscuits, and then both of my cousin brothers woke up too. After everybody's breakfast, my uncle bought Kolhapuri vada pav. Vada pav here has a thicker coat and is eaten along with bread-slices, and not pav.

After the food, Padmanabh switched on the TV. We watched Main Tera Hero movie. At 1:00 finally, I had bath. I wanted to wash my hair today, and I was waiting for the movie to finish. After a good shower, we had our lunch. Janhavi wasn't home yet.

Then, after Janhavi was home, Padmanabh, Janhavi, and I came to a cyber-cafe nearby. I wrote blog. After an hour or so, we went back home. We had tea, and were watching TV. Soon, it was 8:00, and we started watching Mumbai Indians (MI) v Chennai Super Kings IPL match. Shortly, we girls went inside to cook dinner.

Janhavi made vegetable cutlets; whereas I made schezwan rice. Both of the dishes were yummy. We were still watching match while having dinner. MI won, and they're in the finals now!

While watching the match, my aunt massaged our hair with coconut oil. After this, we had cold coffee, which was yummy too.

Finally, we went to our beds.

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