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by - May 31, 2015

Hey! I couldn't write for two days as my cousin brother was home. My parents were out of town, and so I had invited my brother over. We spent most of the days in watching movies. In the last three days, I've downloaded Annabelle, John Tucker Must Die, Tanu Weds Manu, Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Gangs of Wasseypur, The Intouchables, and Gabbar is Back. As we were engrossed in movies, we also ordered food--Ragda Pattice, Misal Pav, and Punjabi meal (that consisted of butter rotis and two bhaajis) throughout the second day. In all, the two days were lovely.

Time's flying by; May is over, and with that the heat, the fun, the vacations. May was full of trips and enjoyment for me. Now, tougher life would begin, as in mid-June, my masters would start.
Anyway, without much talks, let's get straight to my May favourites:

  1. Pinterest // I did tell you about my Pinterest addiction in my last post, right? Pinterest is my latest go-to time-pass. If I don't have anything to do in this world, I switch to Pinterest; and after hours, you'd still find me surfing excitingly on it.
  2. 500 Facebook Likes // TPCG's Facebook Page received 500+ likes in this month! It required so many months to get 100 likes after the 400.
  3. 500 Instagram Followers // My TPCG's Instagram account got 500 followers. Though I don't regularly update photos there, I am glad people and companies are following me. The main reason why I don't upload photos is because I have maintained my account as a very different one; there are hardly any selfies. There is my another account, which is a personal one; in that account, there are lots of selfies and personal photographs. (It's a secured account.)
  4. Recipes // I loved searching for recipes on Pinterest, and then making them.
  5. Recipe Journal // Remember I'd told you about the Recipe Journal? Well, there are just two recipes inside it, and so I've not posted about it here. But as soon as it gets at least 4, I'll write on TPCG ASAP.
  6. White Sauce // I'm happy to have been discovered the secret behind the white sauce you get with most Italian dishes. I'm going to make it henceforth, as it is super-easy, and the ingredients required to make it are available at home, most of the time.
  7. Kolhapur/Pune Trip // My cousins are a very important part of my life. Spending holidays with them is one of my favourite things. We've watched lot of movies this May; and ouch! My eyes hurt.
  8. New House // I'm in love with the second house, and I had a jolly time staying there!
  9. Workout // I exercised in the first half of the month, but later as I travelled to Kolhapur and Pune, followed by periods, I had to pause them. But from tomorrow onwards, the routine would begin again.
  10. Fab Bag // I love April's Fab Bag that got delivered to me in this month. Sure, I loved the products, but the best part was the pouch! The zebra print is classy, and it is a perfect little pouch to carry toiletries or makeup products while you're on the go.
  11.  Haircut // Okay, I'm sorry to tell this so late, but I've had a haircut, a week back. And it is not one of those same-length-but-new-shape type of haircuts, but...it is a long BOB. Nope! I'm not kidding. I actually gathered guts to cut half of my long hair. Now they're a bit longer than my shoulder. (Look at the post's blog graphic!) The important thing is that I simply liked this haircut, and it is unbelievable how different I look now. 
  12. Movies // I've watched A Cinderella Story, Khel Khel Mein, Princess Charm School, Wild Child, The Clique, Gabbar is Back, Cheaper by the Dozen, and few of the movies mentioned above. I must have watched around 15 movies in this month.

These were the moments and things I loved the most about May.
Sorry for not writing clearly, as I am a little out of the writing-mood.

What are your May favourites?

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