Kolhapur Diaries (May 2015) // Day 5

by - May 22, 2015

Day 5

Out for bhel (photo from the previous day)

We had a bus of 1:15 from the Dabholkar Corner.

We got up as usual. We had tea and upma for breakfast. After breakfast and bath, Ishan and I went to the famous Mahalaxmi Temple, by the Activa. I had worn a gorgeous red kurta with blue jeans.

We took the darshan of the Goddess and came back at 12:10. We hurriedly had lunch, which was idli sambar. We got ready, packed our bags, and went down. Padmanabh accompanied me and Ishan till the rickshaw stand. We got in, hugged Padmanabh, and bade him goodbye.

We reached, and the bus was standing there already. We got it, and finally the bus left at 1:30.

It was indeed a lovely stay at Kolhapur.


The Kolhapur Diaries end here.


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