Kolhapur Diaries (May 2015) // Day 3, Day 4

by - May 21, 2015

Hey guys! I know, I haven't written in a while. I'm back home, finally. At Kolhapur, we had given the motherboard of the computer to repair, and so I couldn't write. I did go to cyber cafe two days, but it was not possible to go every day.

Day 3

Out to have bhel

It was just like any other day. I got up, did the morning chores, had tea, and had breakfast.

In the evening, Janhavi, Ishan, and I went to the Mahavir Garden to have bhel there. The bhel in Kolhapur is different; but yes, it was yummy!
We came home, and it was movie time. We watch so many movies in vacation, that our eyes hurt!

After much discussion, we finally decided to watch a horror movie. We concluded to The Conjuring, as I hadn't watched it. We were watching it, and surprisingly, I wasn't as scared as I'd thought to be. We also had dinner side by side, and in all, the evening was terrific.

After the movie, to lighten our moods, until 12:15, we watched Student of the Year movie. We watched it half, that too in bits. At 12:15, we switched back to the TV mode from the hard disk mode, to watch Arsenal v Sunderland match.

The match ended with 0-0 score, and after that we slept. I was glad that I had totally forgotten watching a horror movie that night!

Day 4

Pizza before the cheese melted

It was obvious that we get up late the next day, but we didn't. I got up at 9:00, after my daily alarm went off. I went to the kitchen, and my aunt was preparing ice cream. She was making bases.

In a while, others got up too.

We passed on the afternoon by watching movies like Princess Charm School and Wild Child. (Yes! Ishan went inside to take a nap!)
After watching two movies back to back, our eyes were tired.

To take a break, we went in the balcony, and experienced the blissful cool winds. This new apartment of my sister is a cool and airy space. In spite of summer, we never felt like it was summer indoors; it was always pleasant.

Shortly thereafter, it was almost the dinner-preparation time. My aunt wasn't home yet from her freelance beauty work, and so my sister and I started chopping vegetables. The menu was Vegetable Cheese Pizza with Cookies and Cream Ice Cream!
(Cravings, yeah?)

Janhavi and I made the pizza, and served it to our hungry brothers. After their tummies were contented, we served uncle and aunt. And after that, we had ourselves!
 We were so full, that I literally had to push the ice cream in. Thanks to my love for ice cream, that I could have it.

The whole of the evening was spent consoling Padmanabh, in the parallel world. He didn't want me to go back. It was hard to explain him. I even cried convincing him, and wondering how much he loves me!

As it was our last night in Kolhapur, all the four of us (my cousins and I) slept in the living room. We watched Mean Girls. After the movie, I helped my sister to make posters for Sunburn music and dance festival, which was to be held on 23rd in Kolhapur.

We finished making the four posters at 3:30 in the night! Tired, we slept.

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