The Kerala Diaries // Day 1

by - January 31, 2015

Day 1

Yesterday night, I was frustrated as I couldn't make it for my second rank prize distribution. I was to receive a certificate and scholarship for securing Second Rank in SYBMM. Apart from that, I also was to click a photograph with other Student Council members for college magazine. I seriously feel so sad to not have been here in Mumbai for two of the best moments of my life.
Also, one of my close friends was marrying this 25th; I couldn't attend the marriage as well, just because I was traveling to Kerala for the Industrial Visit.

Nevertheless, the IV was fun.

I got up at 8:00 a.m. on 24th January, and started getting ready. As I had cleaned myself last evening, I was feeling pretty fresh. The train towards Kerala was from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Kurla, and was to be boarded at 11:50 in the noon.
I asked my girlfriends to meet me near their houses (which also happened to be on the same route as to the terminus) at 9:45.

I left at 9:30, dressed in a grey tee, black jeans, black hoodie, black slippers, and had carried grey tassel bag, camera bag, and black stroller. I had washed my hair and so they were half damp.

My brother started the car and off we went towards Kurla. First we picked my girlfriends on the way, and then left for the further journey. We were listening to Ass Like That of Eminem, and it did turn our moods on. We were talking about how we would spend our IV and how much fun we would have.

Our professor had asked us to reach the terminus at 10:50, and we had reached there 45 minutes earlier. Thankfully, a group of our juniors was sitting in the lobby, and they called us in. We three sat on the chairs and were mocking and having fun. In a while, all the professors, students, and their parents started coming in the lobby. The sir handed us the tickets, and we went on Platform No. 1 of the terminus.

We immediately got into the train, and started arranging all the stuff. Actually, our seat numbers were next to each other, but still we swapped the seats with three students. From B1 we went to B6 (or something similar to this).

Our new seats were next to our professors, and trust me, it was fun! I don't know why people run away from the professors. My girlfriends and I had total fun, playing and singing with them. We even played Uno and playing-cards with them.

After hogging on snacks, our "lunch" for the day was over. The time passed by quickly, and slowly the evening was turning into darkness. We slept cozily in the blankets provided by our train, and thus called it a day.


I could have written more, but my annoying brother was troubling me.
See you for today. Goodnight!

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