New Pair of Glasses

by - January 07, 2015

Not just the year is new, but my glasses are new as well. I recently purchased a new pair of glasses.

I still have my old ones with me. So now I have two pairs. I would swap them whenever I feel like.
This frame is narrower than the old one.The old one was black, whether this is brown.
The best thing is that my eyes-number is still the same. I had checked my number three years ago, and it is still the same.

 Actually, my dad was bored to see my overly large black glasses, so he had asked me to get a new one as soon as possible. While in the store, dad was with me, and he chose this frame for me.

I am excited to use this outdoors as well. As my college has not reopened yet, I did not get a chance to wear it out.

Goodnight. Take care, everybody!


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