Top 5 Posts of 2014

by - January 03, 2015

I had decided to write this post on 30th itself. However, as I was busy, I couldn't. I decided to compile the top 5 posts of 2014. I will select them on the basis of their views.
I am excited to know which posts got the most views last year.

Whoa! The list is totally unbelievable. There's just one post--Things to Carry to Udaipur: Industrial Visit--which definitely deserved a place here; but other posts? Well, take a look.

This post has maximum number of views. I have no idea how so many people have viewed this post. This post was totally personal with a small tip, which was using preppy stationary to handle stress. I want to seriously unveil the reason behind having the most number of views for this page. 
There's a short story behind this post: I had important tasks for the next day in college, and I was packing my bag for that. I had to pack marksheets, photographs, laptop, etc. for the same. For that, all my stuff was lying on the bed and I was putting it in my bag. That time I saw the scenario in front of me, which was delightful. All the cute really brought me joy, and I clicked a picture of it right away and posted it on Instagram, and also used it as the blog image. (If you open the link, you would know how cute all the stuff is!)

TWO // Expense Book // Reader's Post
 This came as a shock as well. The main image of this post wasn't that appealing. I had not imagined that people would even open the link; but I am glad they did.
This was my BFF's expense book. I had tagged her on Facebook, and so maybe her friends opened the link.

THREE // October 2014 Fab Bag Review
 I really wanna know who all opened this link. I guess they are some real beauty freaks, or at least those people who wanna know what actually is inside this beauty box.
I remember I had written this post during a very tough university exam. But anyway, I am glad that my readers are happily welcoming beauty related posts on TPCG too.

FOUR // Personal Diary Decoration // Reader's Post
 This again was done by my BFF. And again, I had tagged her on Facebook, and so maybe it got so many views.

FIVE // Things to Carry to Udaipur: Industrial Visit
I knew this post would be here. I remember how I had listed all the things to carry to my IV on OneNote in my cellphone. Later I had copied all the items on TPCG.
Crazy, but around ten students (my seniors plus juniors) had come to me to tell me how crazily useful they'd found this list. Few of them told me that they had used this guide to pack their bags and it was helpful as they had packed their bags on the 11th hour. I was too happy when people told me this. This was the post that got most amount of oral appreciation. I was on Cloud 9 that day.
This year too I will try to write a post on we are traveling to Kerala.

I am really thankful to all of you to open the links from wherever you got them and also for reading the posts. Keep on showering such love!
Thank you so much!

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