Favourites // January

by - January 30, 2015

Hey guys! I am back in Mumbai. The IV was superb and I missed you all. Like every month-end, before discussing about IV, let me come straight to the post 'Things that I Loved throughout'. Though from this year onwards the topic will change to 'Favourites'. Here are some of my favourites from this month-

  1. New Theme | I loved the new theme and it definitely suits me. With pink and black, TPCG's new theme is perfect.
  2. Updated Blog Graphics | I love the way I design blog graphics now. They bring a personality to my posts.
  3. IV | Aha! The Industrial Visit was too good guys. We had lots of fun. Apart from that, I also met one of my readers, Honey, on this IV. It was lovely to play Uno with her and giggle with her.
  4. Accessories | All the rings and bracelets are too lovely.
  5. Handbags | I have so many handbags, and they add the finishing look to my outfit.
  6. Business Cards | I distributed my cards to many people. More than 30 of them are distributed, out of 50.
  7. Memory Jar | This idea was a must-try. I am collecting all the positive stuff that happened, and January did bring me lots of joy.
  8. Agenda | I haven't posted a picture of agenda yet, but it is awesome.
  9. Glasses | My brother and mother didn't like my frames, but my father loved them. And me? I don't know. At least I have two frames now.
  10. Pinterest Fun | Pinterest is my favourite pass-time currently. I go to Pinterest other than Google Search Engine to search for fun-filled photographs.
  11. New Year Celebration | New Year celebration on terrace was seriously cool. We danced our bums off, and the food that followed was yummy too.

What are you January Favourites?

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