First Pack of Business Cards!

by - January 15, 2015

Hello everybody! Finally, the first pack of TPCG's business cards are here. I am very happy and excited to show it to you guys.

Tada! How is it? I am madly in love with it. The first thing I did was sending its picture to all my favourite people. I am so excited to give them one each.

I am sure that these cards will bring good luck to me. They're not really 'business' cards yet, as I don't intend them to be. But if some day they bring in business, I'd be glad. Let's see what 2015 has in its store for TPCG and me.

I am sharing images of the front and the back.

Front Side

Back Side

The best thing is that I had designed this card on the same day I had designed my blog's new theme. I knew where exactly I would be needing blog's identity. Therefore, I made a profile photo for Facebook page, a cover photo for it, and also business card's front side, right on the spot. I am glad I did it, as it has been a life saviour now.

Here are the links to all the accounts mentioned in the back side of the card-


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