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by - January 09, 2015

Today we had a combined lecture with the Advertising students, and that's when I saw this gorgeously decorated six subject notebook. I really love how my friends are creative and always up to some crafty project or the other.

To begin with, my friend Ganga purchased a six subject book.

She stuck a brown coloured white polka dotted paper on the front page.

Later she printed a background with Paris (Eiffel Tower) as the theme. She cut a broad strip and stuck on top of the brown paper vertically.

She stuck another plain pink coloured strip, and beautifully wrote 'TYBMM' on it. She has also drawn little hearts, which are adding to the look.

Lastly, she has stuck a brown coloured circle and has cut tiny fringes. On that circle, she has stuck a smaller circle with the same theme (of Eiffel Tower).

And, she has even stuck a brown coloured paper on the back of the book.

I loved this book. I loved its theme: brown and pink. I loved this idea as well.


How are your notebooks decorated this semester?

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