How to Effectively Sell Used Stuff

by - January 06, 2015

My Samsung laptop, rather you can say, my dad's old Samsung laptop (in the picture) was up for sale. I am going to terribly miss it. As my dad purchased a new laptop, he doesn't need the Samsung one any more.

We had put up an advertisement online, and we got four calls within few hours of its upload. The third guy, out of the four callers, purchased it. We had bought it for Rs. 24,000 in 2009, and sold it for Rs. 6,250 after five years. I do not know how great this deal is, but we are happy that we bade the laptop a good bye.

After our favourite items get old, we have no other option but to sell them. Selling a used item has tricks in itself. Often, you don't get a desired buyer or money as you like. So what are the simple tricks to be satisfied with the whole deal? Read further to know how.

 ONE | Clean | Clean the item (let's say laptop, for our convenience) before uploading its advertisement online (or rather before putting it up for sale). While doing so, you might realize how badly or how nicely you'd used it. Wipe off the dust.

TWO | Gather Accessories | Gather the laptop's adapter, bag, and other accessories that it has. Clean them.

THREE | Photographs | Upload the best photographs that you could possibly click. Check for the background; check if you are appearing anywhere in the laptop screen (due to reflection). Click as if you are a professional product photographer. Try to get the best quality. If you have a digicam or a DSLR, click with it, needless to say. To avoid darkness, try clicking it in daylight.

FOUR | Edit Photographs | Many times, the product in the photograph does not look like it does in real. You might see that it is overly bright or has dust particles. Edit the dust particles. However, do not cheat and completely change the product itself! We just want the laptop to look as great as it really is.

FIVE | Addition of Details | While adding details online, try to be as grammatically correct as possible. If the potential buyer is poor at grammar, then that is fine...but if he is good at it, then hey, you might just lose a good buyer! Also, try providing as much information as you can. Also, if there are any damages, try mentioning them too. You don't want to fool them!

SIX | Adding Photographs | Put the best picture that you have as the 'main photo'. I had put the above image as the main photo. Add all the best photographs, and see to it that the photographs you click are appealing. You should put such photographs that they would appeal you to buy the laptop, if it wasn't yours.

SEVEN | Deciding the Cost | I'm a sucker when it comes to negotiation. But, there's a simple rule while deciding the cost: mention the cost more than what you expect. Deep inside you know what the worth of your old item is. If you think it is Rs. 8,000, then put the cost as Rs. 10,000. Stick to the cost when the buyer calls you. The cost can go down to 6,000, but not lower than that.

EIGHT | House | Keep your house clean when the buyer is about to come home. If you have a neat house, it adds up to the impression and the buyer automatically thinks that if the house is good, the seller is good too; I can trust him and purchase the product from him.

NINE | Product Knowledge | This was a strong point when we were selling our computer. The buyer had come home and my dad was abroad. Even my brother was not here. I had single-handedly negotiated with the man and sold the computer with an acceptable price. I was so good with the computer that it came like a surprise to him. That man was in awe after seeing me handle the computer like a pro. He told my mom that the girl is handling the computer so nicely, it clearly tells how good you guys are, how much to trust you, and how nicely the computer was maintained and used. I was so happy to hear that.
So product knowledge is must. The residents of the house should know at least few basic things about the stuff they are selling.


How good are you at negotiation?

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