Pulling the Second Half of the Year

by - January 13, 2015

Our results of Semester V (second last semester of BMM) are out today. My result, of course, was 'Successful', meaning that I have passed Semester V successfully.
Though Mumbai University just revealed our status (successful or unsuccessful), I am waiting for my percentage now. The first half (first semester) of the year is always terrible. Half the semester goes in adjusting with new class, new people, friends, subjects, books, or teachers, and we just have remaining half of it. We usually don't score that good in the first semester.

Second half of the year has always been a good pull-up opportunity for me. Everything is settled by then. Even in my FY and SY, I had scored better in second semesters than the first. So even now, as the first half of TY is officially over, it's time to gear up for the second half.

This semester, the subjects are way too tough. The sad part is that I don't know their full names yet! We have press laws, global media, niche market, media management, contemporary issues, etc., in this semester. The reason why I'm fretted is that we have understood very few of whatever has been taught. The subjects are so boring that we cannot pay attention (except for contemporary issues!). I am scared for this semester's exam--the last exam to decide my fortune.

Usually second semesters are always superb for me. But this time it is totally opposite. Though first semester was great, the papers weren't so. Only one subject of Indian Regional Journalism went well. So now I've left with no other option but to pull this semester.

However, we have our Industrial Visit, we had college days, and college fest, so now you know what all must have been taught! Let's see how it goes.


How are you planning to pull the second half?

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