Stationary Box {2015 Update}

by - January 12, 2015

I don't know how it clicked me to post my stationary box today. But I'm glad it did. Last year, the stationary box was much smaller than this year's. I promise the size won't increase next year!

I have used a bigger container this time.

My dad used this container while his 2 years stay in China. While coming back, he carried it with him. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it, and used it as my new Stationary Box.

This is the stuff inside. The stuff is so much, that I can't even close the container. I keep this box in my computer table's CPU compartment.

Let's take a tour of what's inside-

1. Stick Notes | I took out all the stick notes from the Stick Notes Box and kept them here. Two of them are on my PC table, and rest all are here. Now I keep my accessories in that Stick Notes Box.
2. Stencil of Map of India | I don't want to throw this. It was my brother's when he was in Standard 10th.
3. Two Hole Punch Machines
4. Stapler
5. Red Ribbon
6. Fat Cello Tape
7. White Board Marker
8. Empty Pens  and Sketch Pens
9. Pouch of Water Colours | I might take out the pouch and empty its contents, and then give it to mom. She needs a pouch and I need extra space in this box.

10. Different Types of Cello Tapes | I have so many of 'em!
11. Box of Crayons | My tool while making the calendar last year. (Also check out the themes I used for every month here.)
12. Pencils and Pen-Pencils
13. Scissors and Rulers
14. Glitter Glue
15. Box of Pins
16. Leads
17. Erasers
18. (Small) Stapler Pins

19. Geometrical Instruments
20. Index Cards (Box) and Elastic Bands | Index Cards are over, and I have to make them. I hope you guys remember how to make index cards at home. And don't forget to check my best friend's way of making them.
21. Golden Glitter | Our partner for the DIY Glitter Image for my room's wall.
22. Binding Tape, Binder Clip, Sharpener, Flag, and Clip
23. Stick Fast Glue
24. Large Stapler Pins
25. Highlighter


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