6 Things To Do to Go Early to College

by - January 17, 2015

Hey! My results are here. Last time when we'd checked on the University website, we'd just known whether we were passed or failed. But today, they displayed the marks too, near the college's office. I passed with an A Grade. Though I wanted an O, I guess A is acceptable too. We had 75:25 system this year, which means 75 marks are external and 25 marks are internal; it was one of the bad decisions of MU.

Here are 6 simple things to do previous night to reach college on time:

One. Deciding Clothes | Deciding clothes is an important thing, especially for the girls. When you get up, bath, and then go to your closet to search an outfit, the time's running already. To avoid going late to college, the best way is to decide the clothes you would wear, a night before.

You can keep aside clothes to wear on a hanger hanged on your room's door knob. You can even use multiple hangers to hang bottom, cardigans, etc.

Two. Keeping Out the Accessories | You love wearing accessories, but as you're a Late Kate, you cannot wear them. You are so late to even comb your hair, let alone wearing accessories. I suggest you to keep the watch, rings, bracelets, earrings, shoes, etc. out, in order to bring forth the Fashionista in you.

Three. Keeping Bag Ready | If I miss out on this the previous night, I am sure to get late. I change my bag with every outfit. So if I am planning the clothes and shoes previous night, I must change my handbag too. The handbag should obviously match my outfit. I transfer all the stuff from the previous bag to the new one. I also remove the junk (like receipts, coupons, tickets, wrappers) from the bag. Weird, but I change my wallet according to the outfit as well. It acts like a bonus, as I can check if I have enough cash with me. Sometimes when I don't have change, I take it from my parents to avoid unnecessary problems with the auto drivers!

Four. Checking for Next Day's To-Dos | I see to it that my to-dos are checked off the previous night. Sometimes, simple to-dos like returning back a friend's pendrive are important too.

I use my 2015 agenda to plan out things, check for to-dos, get reminded for birthdays, etc.

Five. Planning out Breakfast | I'm not a serious or a heavy breakfast-er. I don't have breakfast because honestly I don't have time to cook anything that wouldn't make me feel like throwing up. Yeah, I can have only apple or tea in the morning with a good tummy. This is the case only if I have breakfast at 6 in the morning. If I am having breakfast at 10, then I can have literally anything--from milk to a bowl of spicy misal.
If you too have to get up early at 5:30 and then have breakfast at 6, I highly recommend you to plan out the breakfast previous night. You can hog onto cereals or fruits, but you must be mentally prepared the previous night.

Six. Sleeping & Getting Up Early | Sleeping Early is something obvious yet ignored by most of the youth today. Having a cellphone by your side makes you completely forget what sleep is, unless you get up at 5 o' clock, and can't help but give some rest to your eyes. But unnecessary watching of movies at night won't be good for your health and your early-to-college resolution.
Another important thing is getting up early. If you don't get up early, there's no point in doing all the above 5 things. If you have to sleep a little extra, put the alarm of fifteen minutes earlier. In this way, you would cheat the sleepy-you and be contented that you got that little-extra sleep.

Do you follow these ways?

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