Decorate Notebooks #2 // Reader's Post

by - January 16, 2015

The last time I'd posted on 'Decorate Notebooks' wasn't a long time ago. I had forgotten to mention that my friend Ganga had decorated another book of hers. I had forgotten to click images yesterday, so I had made it a point to click them today anyhow. So today when there was a combined lecture with Advertising class, I clicked pictures of this notebook.

This time the book is themed blue. I love how gorgeously she's done it.

Firstly, she has stuck a sky blue paper on the cover page of the book. Later, she has put dark blue paper on it in the half side.

Later, she has printed a design of black, blue, white, and green coloured checks. She has cut the design in a rectangular shape and has pasted on the sky blue patch.

Later, she has cut two cloud-like shapes, out of white paper. She has stuck them and written the subject on one of the clouds and TYBMM on the other.
She has also beautifully decorated the clouds.

One of the best things about this decoration is these cute cupcakes. Remember the post about colourful letterheads and visiting cards? She is the same Ganga who has decorated this book as well.
The cupcakes that you see were a part of that project she did last semester. She had three of them left, and so she stuck them here.

Finally, this is the book! Don't these pink cupcakes blend so nicely with the blue hues?

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