What a Superb Way to End the Year!

by - January 02, 2015

I knew my 31st would be great when I decided to meet some really special friends of mine on that day. Divya and Disha...they were my best friends from 3rd to 6th standard, and we really used to be just three of us everywhere. How I remember those days! Those days were truly magical.

We met after eight years...imagine...eight! We had last met coincidentally during a school annual function. In 7th standard, I shifted to a different school, and so did they. That's why we could not meet after 7th. We did not have cellphones then. Though we did call on each other's birthdays, slowly, over the years that stopped as well. Later I had heard they shifted to Pune. All thanks to social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut, and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, that we finally got in touch, and could actually meet.

They used to come to my city to stay at their grandma's place in vacations, and I used to go to Pune city during the same time. Coincidentally, we always happened to be in a different city...even during holidays and vacations. So we could not meet. We were planning of meeting on or around 31st December since November, I suppose. I'd thought, just like any other time, even this time we would be unsuccessful to meet.
There were just few days left for the 31st, and one of them asked if I was free on the 31st night. I told her yes, and that I did not have any plan. We decided the time and venue in few days, which was 12:30 in a mall nearby.

I stood there on the 31st, outside the gates of the mall, and just in few minutes, they came as well. I was feeling a bit awkward, as we hadn't spoken or seen each other for so many years. I did not know how good they were, or well, if they were rude or something. They came walking towards me, and I went towards them. We gave a group hug, and the awkwardness was reduced a bit after the hug. They told me how my voice had completely changed, and I told them the same.

Meeting anybody after eight years is so strange. We spoke so much. There wasn't a second when we looked around or when there was silence. We just spoke. Right from how famous we were (we still are not sure about this) or how few classmates have completely changed now...we just spoke about everything.

As the time went by, we became more frank and more comfortable. We sat in Starbucks later and without having any beverage (except water) or food, we chit-chatted there as well. We laughed unconditionally. I was imagining...if even after eight years, we were so comfortable and so frank, what would have happened if we still were best friends?

I seriously wished they were with me even now. Looking back at the photos that we clicked that day, I still cannot digest the fact that these twin sisters were with me. I was feeling so different to have them with me. It was a total strange, yet amazing feeling.


Have you met anyone after so many years?

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