In Kerala

by - January 25, 2015

Hey guys! I am in Kumarakom, Kerala. It is so hot here. It is hotter than Mumbai.
It's our Industrial Visit, and so sorry for not writing for so many days. I was busy in packing, and yesterday night I was in train, with no network signal whatsoever.

I am in my room right now, which is shared by three other friends. I am just here to tell that I won't be able to write for couple of days more. I will go back to Mumbai on 30th, and only then will I be able to write peacefully.

The journey from Kurla to Kerala was nice. Now looking forward to all the places here. Tomorrow is jam packed again. We will go to Kerala backwaters and after that will travel to Munnar and then probably have a DJ Night in Munnar hotel.

I am desperately willing that the weather should be a bit colder than today's. I am really excited for the further trip.

Seeing you off.

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