Goals // January

by - January 05, 2015

There are some lovely goals this January.

  1. Visiting Cards | I already have designed the front and the back of the cards. I am going to print them online as it is my first time. I might order the cards today itself. 
  2. Theme | I am happy that I changed the theme. Though changing the theme was an overnight goal, I achieved it before even writing this post.
  3. Entrance Exam | I have an entrance exam in this month. Though this attempt is not the actual one, I still am trying for it. If I don't make it, I might just work for a year, and then give the actual attempt, after preparing properly.
  4. Driving | I have joint driving classes since December 9th, and only 6 days of driving are done, out of 20. Due to driver's absence and so many holidays, I am still learning to drive. Today I have the class for an hour. I am excited as I love driving (love learning to drive) and I haven't driven since a long time now!
  5. Industrial Visit | The dates of the IV are not yet declared. Once the college reopens, our professors will tell us. But it is 100% confirmed that the IV would be in this month. Looking forward to it...and also to have fun while I'm on it.
  6. Pinterest | Pinterest is not an actual goal; however, I am happy that finally I got to know its use, and how to use it. I am started getting addicted to it. Hopefully I will keep on uploading and pinning stuff on it, and thus sharing blog posts there. You guys should definitely try it. Here's a link to my profile--www.pinterest.com/dprettycitygirl
  7. Maintaining Hair | Maintenance of hair has become a painstaking task. The volume has reduced; there are flakes on the scalp, tiny split ends, rough hair, damaged hair, and also frizzy and tangled hair currently. Just last month they were doing pretty good; suddenly, since the new year has begun, hair's condition is worsening. Just within few minutes, you would find knots in my mane. It is seriously annoying. I know it's the winter that's doing this black (!) magic. All I have to do is tie them in a bun while I am home, and tie a ponytail when I'm out. And apply oil. I haven't been applying oil since many months. Earlier I wouldn't even wash my hair without oil, but now months pass that I don't apply. It is a warning to me; else I might suffer from a bad-hair-day...almost forever. 
  8. Experimenting with Sweatshirts and Bags | As it is pretty cold here, finally I can wear hoods and sweatshirts. I am keenly waiting for college to reopen, as I have to experiment with all the sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets. Gosh! I love winters!
  9. Industrial Visit-Related Post | No matter how busy I get in packing bag or how busy I would be in Kerala, I will write a post related to my IV. I might write a post on what to carry, traveling tips, daily outfits, or even a 'Kerala Diaries'! 
  10. Being Stylish | This month, apart from experiments with sweaters, I know I have to look my best--with hoodies, jackets, shoes, glasses, mufflers, scarves, and gloves! Oh yeah! Did I tell you I love winters?

What are your goals this January?

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