The Kerala Diaries // Day 2

by - February 02, 2015

Day 2

All of us were pretty bored to travel in the train now. More than 24 hours were over, and we really needed a stable land. Still, after freshening up, we managed to pass the time by.
I was playing with my professor's daughter. She's just eight, and it is fun to play with her. We were hairstyling her Barbie doll and were combing her hair. (We even chopped off her supposedly split ends.) After the doll was good to go, we sat on one of the side berths, and were looking out of the window, thus talking about the passers-by, the greenery, flowers, and houses. Like a mature girl, she was replying, "Kitna sundar hai na? (Isn't this beautiful?)," to every gorgeous sight.

After the much-needed break with her, we got our lunch. Today's breakfast consisted idli, medu vada, sambar, and chutney. In spite of having breakfast at around 8:00, the packed lunch arrived at around 1:00. Lunch consisted of typical rice, bhaji, poli, and the like.

We were pretty full. Most of the students didn't even have their lunch as they had had their breakfast late. Shortly, the professors asked us to start getting ready, as just after two stations, our station was about to arrive.
We started packing bags. As I knew from the beginning that after getting down at the station, it is going to be really hot, I had made necessary provisions already. I kept my hoodie inside the luggage, removed out the sunglasses, tied my hair in a bun, wiped my face with wet wipes, and drank lots of water. I was ready to beat the heat.
I had also moved my luggage towards the door, where the juniors were waiting with their bags. In a while, Ernakulum Junction was there. We pushed our bags down the platform and got down following it.


The weather was unimaginably hot. I was wise enough to do the provisions beforehand, but almost 95% of others were in their hoodies and sweatshirts. I swear I felt tremendously bad for them. I wished I could provide them with some of my light clothes.
After the head count, we dragged our bags towards the bus. We had to take lots of pain in order to carry our bags. It was hot and on top of that these heavy bags.

We somehow reached the bus, put our luggage inside it, and sat in it. I felt like crying. The weather sucked.
Everybody was sweating crazily. Everybody was hungry, frustrated, and wished there was a super cooling air conditioner in the bus...but there wasn't. I was sitting in the corner seat, but that, my friend, was a big mistake. The sun was shining so brightly, that the irritating sunlight was falling right on my face. If we closed the curtains, we would feel suffocated, and if we left them open, then, well hello tanning!

After an hour journey, we reached the hotel Ashirvaad. We dragged our luggage inside it, and literally sat on the floors of the lobby. We were tired, hungry, sweaty, and frustrated.
Later, some of the nosy people went inside the air conditioned dining room. We followed them too; and...What a relief! Few of my classmates ordered super yummy dishes. After ordering, the second bus was there too.

The rooms were allocated to us, and we rushed in. The first thing we did was obviously switching on the AC and the fan. To our ill fortune, our AC was acting a bit weird. We called the room service and fixed the issue. One by one, we showered ourselves. And then, after we were fresh enough, we ordered two dishes.

Our forth roommate had gone to some other room, which wasn't new. Her friends were different, and she was just sharing the room with us. While we were waiting for our order, I got a call on the room's telephone saying, "You are getting a free plate of Chicken Biryani with the Veg. Biryani that you've ordered." I thought it was true.
Just a minute later, the phone rang again, and the lady said, "You are getting free Pepsi with the drink." I was delighted.

But in few seconds after keeping the phone, I realized that these were not the hotel guys but my classmates who were telephoning from their rooms. I got angry. They called again and I asked them to come and meet me, so that I could abuse them. Ha ha! The end was abrupt, I know.

After filling up our tummies with the delicious food, we started wandering about the hotel in our boxers and tees. We saw that the guys were swimming and I so wanted to swim too. Unfortunately, none of the girls was swimming, so I dropped the plan.

As we were tired, today's plan of the backwaters' ride was cancelled. We had plenty of time to have fun and wander about.
The dinner was served, and I was angry at my classmates for not informing us. Anyway, we had dinner, which was followed by a lip-smacking cup of vanilla ice-cream.

We soon went upstairs to our room, and after talking, we dozed off.


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