The Kerala Diaries // Day 4

by - February 04, 2015

Hey guys! I received Rs. 500 Scholarship for standing SECOND in SYBMM. I collected the amount and the certificate today from the college office as I couldn't collect the other day.

Anyway, let's get started with Day Four.

Day 4

Unfortunately, a political party had called a strike in Kerala this morning. This was the reason why we did not have any morning activities of visiting any industry or any place. And this is the exact reason why we had slept so late last night.

The breakfast timing for today was 8:00 to 9:00. After sleeping so late, none of us could wake up early. Somehow, my roommates and I moved ourselves for the breakfast. We didn't even bath as only few minutes were left for the breakfast to close. We brushed our teeth, combed our hair, washed our faces, sprayed some deodorant and went down for the breakfast.
There were just breads and jam left, along with an almost empty tea jar. We poured tea and took slices, spread the butter and the yummy mixed fruit jam on it, and hogged away. I don't know why but I love these jam sandwiches. I used to dislike them when I was a kid, but now I love them.

After breakfast, we thought of roaming about near the hotel. While going down to the nearby narrow, shadowy road, we met our professor's wife and daughter. The daughter danced on the number 'Lungi Dance' and after a series of selfies, we bade her goodbye.
We left further. It was funny as we were dressed in boxers and pajama shorts along with a disgusting looking face. We clicked pictures on the way and were delighted to see them nice.

After spending half-hour on that lonely yet peaceful road, we returned back to the hotel room. We had to leave for the day's sightseeing after lunch. We actually wasted the time by talking, and then hurriedly had shower and changed into good clothes. Due to our laziness in getting ready early, the entire bus was waiting for us three and few other students who were late.
We regretted wholly. Never in my three years of BMM have I gone late for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or sightseeing places; this was the first time. I felt extremely guilty.

As the Munnar weather was better than the other two places, we had got the opportunity to style in the so-called winter clothes. I could see how everybody had taken out their boots and jackets for this visit.

They took us to a Tea Museum. The roads that we passed by were immensely gorgeous. I had never seen something so beautiful till now. Munnar, especially this road, is a must, must visit. It was pleasant, green, and amazing. Everybody was lost in its beauty.

We reached the museum soon. I knew I was not going to buy anything from here, because the taste of tea of these places differs a lot from what we get in Mumbai. Last to last year, when we had been to Ooty, Tamil Nadu (another superb hill station), they had taken us to another Tea Factory there. I had purchased two packets of tea, and they tasted horrible. So this year, I stayed away from such teas.
My friend, however, purchased few packets from Munnar's museum.

I remember we had to pay Rs. 5 for tea samples. There was a queue for that, and we actually cheated and asked the last student of the queue, who happened to be at the counter at that very moment, to buy tea for us. The lady behind that girl, I suppose she was an NRI, asked me if I was in the queue. I told her that because of us, the bus could get late, and so we were asking one of our juniors to purchase tea samples for us. We sort of quarreled, and I ended the quarrel saying, "Thanks for your patience," and went away, like a boss!

After this, we went in the bus. We literally waited there for twenty minutes until all others reached. The most annoying part was that they were carrying and having yummy looking pastries from a shop opposite to the bus. I so wanted to have those pastries too.

Soon, the bus left. Our next stop was the Echo Point. While going up the hill, my friend vomited once. We reached the destination, and while getting down, BAM--I fell down. The boots, open hair, bag, camera bag, camera, and jacket made me feel so disgusted and uncomfortable, that I couldn't concentrate on the bus's step, and so I slipped down.
The outcome was horrible. The screen of my camera broke. I had replaced it by paying Rs. 4,500 just few weeks back, and I didn't want to spend so much again. I also got slight bruises on my knee and index finger, and my new boots got damaged a bit near my left toe thumb. It sucked. I couldn't help but cry. I was too sad mainly because of the camera.

We went down to the Echo Point. We clicked pictures. I was so sad that I couldn't even go with my classmates to click pictures. It was hard to walk with a bruised knee, tall boots, and a broken heart (LOL).
Then we took our friend up to puke again. After the Echo Point, we rode back to our hotel.

We changed to boxers and t-shirt, and I applied balm on the bruise. We went for dinner at 8:30. After dinner, our sir asked everybody to wait down; he seemed pissed. The atmosphere suddenly had changed from pleasant to serious. Something dirty had taken place, and so sir had called a meeting of all the students on the hotel's terrace (where we had danced last night).
He announced that the official program of cake-cutting and a mini-farewell to the third year students, which takes place every year during the IV, was canceled. The moment he said that, tear-drops rolled down my eyes. It was awkward to wipe them. All the four professors spoke on the topic, and the meeting was then dismissed.

The hotel manager had complaint saying the students were making lot of noise the previous night, till 5:00. He even said many rude things and that's why all this happened. Other things had happened too, which I cannot mention here, but it was sad and we were at fault. Everybody walked down their rooms with a sad heart and heavy footsteps. We went to our rooms and spoke about the matter. There was silence in the hotel, and it seemed like someone was dead somewhere.

And as we had to get up early the next day, we slept around 2:30, and called it a night.


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