Huge Food Haul

by - February 23, 2015

Remember I always stress out in my goals that I need to help mom in kitchen and other household chores? So for same reason, in order to help mom with cooking, I decided to buy some super yummy food items.

I had made a list long time ago, but as I was sick I couldn't go down to buy them. Finally today, though I'm not fine yet, I went down with my mom at 2:00 in the noon, to a Reliance Fresh store nearby. It's like a departmental store, but we only get food items and toiletries in it.

I had carried a huge white vegetable bag that said 'Microsoft'; yes, my dad had purchased a Surface Pro 3 from a Windows store, and had got this bag. It is pretty sturdy and it matched my outfit as well.

I had made a list, obviously on the long-list by Hallmark. Firstly, I randomly put the items in the trolley and then checked if all the items from the list were in my trolley. (Obviously, we purchased more than that, like sanitary napkins, detergent soap, etc.)

Here's a picture followed by a list of the items purchased:


 These are the pictures of what I purchased.

I have purchased all the items that are ticked. I also purchased some extra stuff.

Oh and this is the Microsoft bag I was talking about earlier.


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