The Kerala Diaries // Day 3

by - February 03, 2015

Day 3

Today, early morning, after breakfast, we left for Munnar. On our way, we rode on the house-boat in the backwaters of Kumarakom; the ride was beautiful. We danced, clicked pictures, and had lot of fun on the boat.

After the ride, we started for Munnar by bus. We were hungry, and so we had the snack hamper that consisted of chivda and the like.
The journey of eight hours was horrible. The roads had crazy turns, people were sick, people were puking, sweating, and of course, the sun's rays were too strong. My friend threw up nine times, and so did many others in the bus.

After more than six hours of the bus ride, we finally reached our hotel--Blu Haze. It was so pleasant. It felt as if we had gone to heaven from a hell. We had our lunch, and then the rooms were allocated. As my friend (roommate) was sick due to the crazy ghats, we had to take her care.

After entering the room, the view from our window was splendid. We were talking about how perfect place of honeymoon Munnar could be. Also, the room was perfect for a couple.
The room was too large, yet we spread our luggage on its floor and tables. We changed to comfortable clothes, and went to the room's huge balcony.

To our surprise, almost every student was in her/his own balcony. The rooms were located so nicely, that we felt like we were living in a three-starred chawl. Everybody was talking to each other from their balconies and the view, the weather, the ambiance...everything was perfect.
Like we do in chawls, the students were literally chatting and saying things like, "Shall I throw down your mobile?" IT WAS THAT AMAZING.

This hotel is probably the best hotel for college students. (If you are a professor and are planning for a Kerala trip, I highly suggest you to try this hotel out.)

The sirs had announced that tonight would be the DJ Night and campfire. Everybody was excited, because every student awaits this night.

After the talks in balcony and the photoshoot, we went upstairs to the terrace at 8:00. I was dressed in a black Chromosome tee, New Look leather jacket, Forever 21 jeans, and Forever 21 boots. My friends were in dresses and girly tops.

The terrace was filled with students. The DJ was playing the music, there was fire burning in the centre, and everybody was dancing. We joined them soon, and whoa! We danced like crazy.

Slowly, at 9:30, the DJ stopped playing and down we went for dinner. We were hungry due to the tiresome journey and the dance. After food, we went upstairs to our room.

Another best (or worst) thing about this hotel was the fact that even a soft whisper was audible to everybody in the hotel. (Okay, just kidding. But we could really even hear the smallest of giggles.) So every time someone shouted or laughed in their rooms, one by one, the students used to come out of their rooms, just like rats come out of their holes, and try peeping to see what exactly was wrong! I told you, it was fun!

The next day, we had to get up pretty late, and so we all slept at 5:00 in the night (yes, night!). In the middle of the night, when everybody was sleeping, only our students were wide awake. Finally, after 5:00, the hotel was completely at peace.

This night was the best of all nights.

Goodnight, folks.

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