Unseasonal Rains and Popcorn

by - February 28, 2015

Do you know what's better than the rains? The unseasonal rains. Just three days back, there was absolutely a summery weather here. We were frustrated knowing that it was February, still the weather was so hot outside.

But since few days, sudden chills were felt. The temperature had fallen from 36 to 20. Even yesterday, the temperature was around 25, which was good. And today, in the morning, we could see clouds and suddenly the room was dark. My mom did say that it might rain today; and somehow she is always right about the weather forecast.

I peeped out and stared at one of the black windows of the building in front of me...and I could see thin, extremely thin raindrops falling down. I was delighted!

Anyway, for those of you who are totally unaware about the climate and seasons of Mumbai, let me just tell you--it is extremely hot from March to mid-June; towards 10th or 15th of June, the monsoon season starts; after that, from end of August to September, the climate is just a mixture of all the seasons (basically you cannot say which season is going on); and from October to December, there's the hot climate again. And then from mid-December to almost the month of February, there's the 'winter'.

So as you see, it is supposed to be winter or summer right now, but it is simply neither of the two...well, because it is raining!

There are ton of ways to celebrate rains, especially if they are totally unseasonal. Today I chose to pop some popcorn and sit by the window and eat the popcorn one by one.

Popcorn can be better if topped by caramel. Confused?

I purchased a packet of classic salty popcorn seeds/maize and made it in a cooker. After that, I spread liquid caramel on it and put the bowl in microwave oven. I kept it in for 20 seconds, and then had the delicious caramel and salty popcorn! It tasted so yummy, just like we get in theatres!

So how do you spend unseasonal rains?

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