Lunchbox Ideas #1

by - February 26, 2015

Hey everyone! Another reason why I had gone crazy with the food haul was for a good full packed lunch in college. Though for us, it's like a mini-brunch, still, we need to stash our tummies with as much of home food as possible.

As my college starts at 7:00, it was impossible to pack lunchbox early morning. I always skipped taking it to college, especially since my TY had started. I tried to kill my hunger during the 8:40 break, either by not eating anything, or by having a samosa pav or wada pav from the canteen. But, deep down, I knew, both the ways were unhealthy.

I did not want to ask my mom to prepare lunchbox for me, as I think she has done enough for me, for all the twenty years (and the nine months before that!). I am old enough to pack myself a lunch. The bad thing here in India is that for us, the breakfast or the 'morning' food consists of all the big items like pohe, upma, sheera, saanjha, sabudana khichadi, paratha, etc.; I surely cannot cook any of these early morning before 6:30. So I dropped the idea of cooking them, and went for a way that would be healthy and readily available at home. Nowadays, I prepare the lunchbox at 10:00 in the night and refrigerate it until tomorrow morning. This way, the food remains fresh too.

 Seems yummy? Here's how I did it:

To start with, take two-three leaves of any type of leafy vegetable. As I did not have salad at home, I took cabbage leaves.

Apply butter. Recently, Amul has come up with this yummy flavoured butter. You guys need to try it! I applied the butter onto the leaves. If you don't have this butter, you can simply apply the regular one.

Spread sauce on the butter-coated cabbage leaves. I took Maggi's Hot & Sweet sauce because it is yummier than the regular ketchup.

Later, after keeping space for the side dishes, spread the leaves inside the lunchbox.

Later, chop veggies and add them on the leaves. I took cucumber, tomato, and carrot slices.

Then, pour liquid cheese-spread on the vegetables. (I don't know why there's a 'M' there. My sweetheart's name doesn't begin from 'M', so stop using your brains, already!) 

Sprinkle some chaat masala on the cheese and the vegetables. If you don't have the masala at home, you can sprinkle or put any type of taste-makers like pizza/pasta sauce, schezwan sauce, etc.

Now for the side dish, cut slices of a banana and put them in a small container. Pour chocolate sauce on the slices, and sprinkle half-cut almonds and cashew nuts. You don't need to shake this mixture, as until you carry it to college, the dessert would already be shaken and ready to eat.

 Then, close the lid of the little box. Towards the side of the little guy, I've kept three salty Monaco biscuits, and on top of that, the delicious chocolate muffin by Monginis.

This is how it looks from the top.

Lastly, take a small fork and a small, deep spoon. Remember the post 'Ice Cream and Pastry Spoons'? I took one of those spoons for our lunchbox. I recommend taking small spoons and forks because they fit in the box and you don't need to carry them separately. 

Keep them on the vegetable side of the box.

And yes! Your lunchbox is ready!

P.S. Don't forget to remove the spoon and the fork before keeping the lunchbox in the refrigerator.

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