My First Ever Interview

by - February 25, 2015

Check out the interview here:


Hey guys! I am so, so, so happy to interview with the It was my first interview ever, and I'm sure there are lots more on their way.

The other day, I got a mail in my inbox from the site's marketing manager saying she would love to interview me for their website. Earlier, after reading an unknown name and overall subject name, I'd thought it to be just another random publicity mail or the mail from one of my subscribers. But then when I opened it, and read it, I sort of could not believe.
I read the mail again, and read it aloud to my parents and brother. I realized that I was just being asked for an interview! How amazing was that?

I opened their site to see if it was legitimate. And to my happiness, it was; the a site highlighting achievements of women in various fields, varying from bloggers to entrepreneurs. I read an interview with a random blogger there to see how the interview would be like.

After verifying the legality or authenticity of the site, I replied back to the manager saying it would be a delight to give the interview. Soon, in few days, she sent me a questionnaire via Google Forms. I filled it, and attached a photo of mine.

I tried being as grammatically correct and as true as possible. And then, today, I got the manager's mail in the noon asking me to check the interview out. And there it was! Perfectly sitting amongst other woman bloggers, who, just like me, must have worked hard to achieve the position. I read it aloud to my mom, who was lying down next to me. I published it on my Facebook page as soon as it was possible, and was very, very proud of myself.

It was not possible without your support, guys! I love you all!
Sending you tons of Hugs and Kisses.

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