Keeping a Track of the Movies You've Watched

by - February 19, 2015

Hey there! Well again today I am out of topic. I have a list on my OneNote account where I've written blog post ideas. There are more than 200 ideas there. While browsing through the pages and sections of OneNote, I came across one of the pages under the section 'Movies'--Watched from Hard Disk'--and that's when I knew I had a post to write today!

It is not necessary that you will need a OneNote account, as you can write this down even in your notebook or your cellphone's notes.

This is my OneNote app on my PC. I've made a page that says 'Watched from Hard Disk'. I know these might not be the only movies I've watched and that I must have definitely forgotten to write more names here, but this is just a little trick.

Our hard disk is always filled with movies taken from friends, colleagues, and siblings. There are more than a 300 good movies and you don't have a track of them.
So I made this page and wrote all the movies' names after watching them. It is such an easy process.

You can make many such pages to keep a track on the movies you've watched with, say, the special one, on TV, from a hard disk, from so-and-so friend, etc. It is surprising when you look back on that list as you either know which is your favourite genre or you know how miscellaneous blend of movies you like to watch and have watched. 

So get a pen, paper, or your 'notes' app, and start writing.

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