Horrible Gift Wrapping

by - February 22, 2015

 My neighbour's little girl had her birthday party today. They invited me at around 1:30 in the noon saying the party was at 5:30. I had no new or unused gift to give her, so I had to go down anyhow to buy her a gift.
I got ready till 6. I wore my casual tee with makeup on. (MAKEUP? Yeah. I am trying to be a makeup applying girly girl.) I went down, and found that all the stationary and gift shops were closed. So I went to a grocery store and luckily found few notebooks and pencil sets.

I took a drawing book and a box of crayons. After going home, I had to wrap the gift. I did not have a brand new gift paper, but the polka-dotted one (that had white marks all over it). I also had to wrap a building friend's gift as she did not have a gift paper and the shops were closed as well.

While wrapping the gifts, I realized how much I sucked at wrapping. Maybe it was because I was being a total miser for using one sheet of gift paper to wrap both the gifts, or maybe because the paper was old and so it appeared like the wrapping was bad. But, I cannot deny the fact that I sucked at wrapping.

Are you a professional in wrapping gifts?

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