Lunchbox Ideas #2

by - February 27, 2015

Hey there! Here's a second extremely quick idea for your lunchbox.

Remember how we made the Italian Khakra? Well, half of your lunch would consist of it. Easy? Yes, it is.

Firstly, place khakras on the bottom of your tiffin box. I took four khakras.

Later, pour mayonnaise and pizza/pasta sauce in a small container. You don't need to mix it as it would get mixed until you reach college.
Close the lid of the little container and keep it on the khakras.

I put three salty Monaco biscuits along with one healthy McVitie's biscuit.

For the sweet dish, I put a Monginis chocolate muffin next to the little container.

I also kept a small spoon to apply the mayonnaise and pizza/pasta sauce on the khakras, before having it in college.

This is how the lunchbox would look like after placing all the items.

For the beverage, I took hot chocolate powder and mixed it with water. I kept it in the refrigerator overnight.

 Finally, these are the items for your lunchbox.

After closing the lid of the box, this is how it would appear like.

And yes, do not forget filling water bottle too.

P.S. To make sure your hot chocolate drink is spill-proof, just cover it with a plastic and keep it erect in one of the small chains of your handbag while carrying it to college.

What did you carry to college today?

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