Short Tip #13 Trash Can

by - February 16, 2015

Hey guys! I am writing after five days. I was busy due to exams and yesterday and day before, I was in Pune. You know I write TPCG even during exams; but if I don't, understand that I have too much to study!

I used to have two papers on a day, and so there wasn't even 1% possibility to write here. The portion was too vast, and unfortunately, all of the papers were hard as well

So today, as soon as I got home from Pune, I switched on blogger and started writing.

I have this crazy tip: I don't have a dustbin in my room. I used to think there's no need of keeping a bin in room, and I would do just fine. But if you have read, you know that I am too lazy to move and go near the dustbin and then dispose off the trash every now and then. Seems such a long process!

So, what did I do? I took one of the parcel boxes as my bin.

Here in India, when you order a bhaaji as take-away, you get it in a white plastic container, which is usually cylindrical or spherical. If the bhaaji is comparatively dry, or if the container is sturdy enough, our moms wash it and keep it to use it again.

I searched for such container in my house and got a white cylindrical shaped container, which appeared as a mini dustbin. I took that out of the shelf and placed it in between my computer table and bed. Now this little guy helps me in laziness and is really handy when I have to throw train tickets, papers, wrappers, etc. while changing handbags every night.

And then when I get up to go to the loo or wash hand or anywhere near the main dustbin of the house, I take this mini-dustbin along, and empty it. And then while coming back to my room, I keep that mini thing on its place and everything is clean.

Do you have a dustbin in your room? How helpful do you find it?

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