Goals-To-Achieve List // October

by - October 03, 2014

Hey guys! After a long time, I am posting here. Actually, I have no time. I am on the PC the whole day, no doubt, but to make the magazine. My Prelims are starting from the 8th of this month, and the finals are starting from the 28th. In spite of this, I haven't even touched the books. I am prioritizing magazine ahead of Prelims because magazine has marks, whereas Prelims is just to prepare. I am scared to the core for the whole October month. On top of that, there's Diwali on the 21st of this month too. I'm mortified and tensed, you can say.

There are not goals as such this month, because frankly I am too busy to think of that. I just am wasting the time right now as I have an engagement to attend. In a while I will start getting ready. Studying now or doing the magazine in a chaos is simply difficult. I was going through social networking sites, and touching up the magazine. But now I decided to write a quick, short post on the goals. The post was in drafts right since 1st of October. But I did not start writing it.

Actually this post was more informational. I wanted to tell you all why I couldn't write for past few days. Anyway, I guess this will keep on continuing till the exams begin. And the funny thing is that my mom and brother are taking all this too lightly. My mom has not even asked me to study once. Otherwise, when the timetable is out, my mom starts yelling at me to study. But this not-so-serious atmosphere at home is killing me. I have to yell at them to tell them I have to work on the computer, or that I cannot help mom in a certain thing. But they still take it lightly. I seriously don't know what the reason is.

Anyway, here are the five goals that came to my mind while typing:

1. To Study | Aha! October is going to be all about studying. And the sad part is that I haven't even started making notes. I still have to find the portion, the answers, write them down, and then start studying. What am I doing? Making magazine. I seriously hope my magical stationary does the trick and help me with the grades.

2. To organize | Well, my room is messy all the time now. There is something or the other thrown on the bed, and there's always a heap of magazines and notes on my worktop. Along with that are clothes that are dried and good to go inside the closet. Even my mom has stopped asking me to clean the room; it is just so difficult. And if you open my closet and see, you'll be surprised!  It is very messy. My closet has become one of the reasons for the stress early morning. I just cannot find good clothes in there! I give up every morning, and wear whatever is available easily.

3. To enjoy | Yes; I need to enjoy. With Diwali coming around the corner, I must enjoy. Diwali is my second favourite festival after Ganesh Chaturthi. It has acquired the second position recently, as for the past three years, I meet all my city-acquaintances on one of the roads nearby. All the youngsters across the city gather on the first official day of Diwali. That morning is one of my favourites. It is seriously fun. So this time, obviously, I will go back on the road again.

5. To Be Stylish | Um...I don't know how to explain this. I am recently going through some fashion changes. These changes are happening automatically, and I love them.

What are your October goals?

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