Important Pages That I Have Bookmarked // {List 5}

by - October 13, 2014

At last the prelim is over. It was a long (though just of 7 days) struggle. Some of the subjects are so boring, and their syllabuses are so wide, that studying them in lesser time is not possible. Today's Indian Regional Journalism paper was good, though tough. I attempted all the questions (needless to say). Even though whatever I have written is not good in terms of names and other important details, I can say the paper is filled. The best part of having large handwriting is that the paper looks full of answers, and as if the girl/boy knows everything. (I know quality of the answer matters more.)

ONE | 20 Books Every Twentysomething Woman Must Read
Aha! Now that I am 20 years of age, this list means a lot to me.  After the exams, that is in the second week of November, I am going to start reading all the books from this list. It's going to be fun.

This list is one of the articles of my magazine! Amazing things you need to have.

TEN | The 10 habits of long-lasting couples
I don't know why I have bookmarked it, but it's pretty helpful!



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