Checklist for Exam

by - October 27, 2014

Okay, when I had got up from the studies a while ago, I really needed some refreshment. But after I got up, my mom gave me dinner, and I am refreshed already. So currently I am feeling like I am wasting time by writing blog.

Nevertheless, I will give a short write-up for this post.

Our university exams are beginning from tomorrow, and so I made a quick checklist to make sure I carry all the important things to the exam hall. Luckily, I got my exam centre in my city itself; that too, it is ten minutes away by an auto. I am feeling too lucky. Your list would differ a bit from mine, if you are travelling by any other means of transport, like if by train then a train pass, if by car, then license, etc.

The grammar is not really good, but I made it in a hurry. By the way, H.T. means the Hall Ticket.

I will go through this checklist before going to every paper in this exam. You can definitely ask me if you have any doubt in any point. (You can also draw more squares according to the exams, and tick them before every paper.)

That's it. If you have exams coming in few days, then all the best. Do well, and yes, don't forget to read the exam tips and essentials you need to carry to the exam advised by me.

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