Diwali Shopping

by - October 18, 2014

So today, after an irritating sleep and annoying sweat, I got up and mom and I went out for some Diwali shopping. Streets here in my city (at least in my area) are crazily lit and are chaotic and are amazing. You should definitely visit India (if you're not an Indian) in Diwali, or a week before Diwali. I feel so good to stay in such a popular area of my city, that all the people from the city gather here, all dolled up, parking their cars, and shopping.

Surprisingly, this year I wasn't in my dad's loose capri and a loose t-shirt, but in tunic, watch (!), and ballets! Diwali shopping doesn't necessarily mean clothes and accessories. There's so much to Diwali shopping than only this. You have to buy lamps, lanterns, body oil, utna, festive soaps, lights, rangoli, rangoli colors, clothes, gifts, accessories, crackers, etc. People even buy expensive things like cars, furniture, houses, etc. in Diwali.

We bought the basic Diwali stuff, and I purchased a pretty dress just today! It's a maroon colored anarkali, with golden heavy work over it. I just have to buy shoes and maroon nailpolish, and I'm good to go. The dress is still in the shop as they had to alter it from the waist. I just cannot wait to wear it and style around! (I'll post the photos on TPCG after I wear the dress.)

After reaching home, I took out all the stuff from the bags, and showed it to dad. I wish I had some time to post photos of the stuff. Anyway, this is what we bought: floating diyas, regular diyas, utna, aromatic oil, big lantern, two small lanterns, bulb, extra rangoli, dress for me, clutch for me, (golden coloured nailpolish for me), festive soap, and stickers.


So this is it for today. Finally I submitted the final copies of broadsheet and tabloid newspapers and the fashion magazine in college today. Yesterday I was busy with that, so couldn't write.

Goodnight, people!
Love y'all!

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