Blogging and Writing Answers

by - October 30, 2014

The supervisor distributed question papers. I got mine and I read the first question. I smiled. The first question was Write a feature of not less than 500 words for a youth magazine. WOW! I smiled because I knew what I was about to write.

Blogging has helped me a lot. I realized today how crucial writing blog is. Today while writing the first answer, I was feeling as though I am writing a blog post.

Guess what did I write on? 'How to Get Good Marks'. Right from stationary and self-notes to attending the lectures and staying hydrated...I wrote it all. Just imagine how nice I must have felt while writing this.

And not just this question; I feel like I am advising always. Whenever I write theory papers (BMM is all about theory papers), I feel as if I am giving tips--how to write a headline, how to select visuals, how to crop images, etc.

Blogging really helps you to generate long answers. You read a general knowledge question and you know you can exaggerate. Blogging makes you to not study all these general knowledge type questions. It feels really good. My classmates text me and ask if I got the answer for a GK type question; all I answer is, "No; I am going to write it on my own." It is a moment of pride. I wonder why people have to get the notes. Can't they just make notes themselves? I don't even make notes for these GK types; I orally speak about ten points, and I know I don't need to do anything further.

Trust me; blogging helps. More than blogging, writing helps. If you write a lot, you know you won't be stuck anywhere during a theory paper. It doesn't matter if you write on a piece of paper or type on computer, it will help you.
(And don't ask me about practical papers; I have lost the touch of maths three years ago, and I pray I shouldn't get it any time in my future!)

Has writing/blogging ever helped you with answers?

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