Three Storeyed Jewellery Box

by - October 26, 2014

For Bhaubeej, my schoolmate got a Jewellery Box as a gift from her brother. She texted me and sent the photos of it as soon as she received it. She said she remembered me after seeing the box. Wasn't it too cute of her?

Isn't the box lovely? The box has three drawers and a large compartment with a mirror stuck on it. You can keep earrings, rings, necklaces, watches, safety pins, bobby pins, and what not. The colours are so fresh that the box would surely light up your mood.
I like that there's a mirror on it too. You can try your earrings from the place where the box is, and choose another pair if the current one isn't suiting your dress. No need to get up to your cupboard's mirror and look at the earrings.

The drawers are cute. You can keep lot of similar stuff together. For example, if you have lot of earrings, you can keep them in one drawer. If you have bit of rings and bit of safety pins, then you can put them in one of the drawers which would act like a 'miscellaneous' drawer. The drawers are too large for the little stuff, which acts like a plus point.
Also, the holders of the drawers are way too sweet.

The material of the box seems sturdy, which means the box would last long. You can place this box on your dressing table, and keep daily stuff like makeup, powder, combs, etc.

This is the top of the box. Her brother gifted this to her especially because it has a 'little elephant' printed on it; he calls her a 'baby elephant'.
I'm sure there might be many colours, sizes, and patterns available in such boxes.

Did you like the box? What did your brother gift you this Bhaubeej?

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