Narak Chaturdashi

by - October 22, 2014

I was gonna give the title of this post as the First Day; but then thought that Narak Chaturdashi would be better. Today was amazing. A day well spent with best friends and family.

Before starting with today's fun, let me wish you a very happy Diwali!

I woke up at 5:45, followed with wishing the family, tea, faral, etc. I had an amazing bath for twenty minutes. The reason why today's bath was a special one because it was the Abhyang Snaan. My mom applied oil and utna on my body. Later I had a soothing bath with a festive soap. Unfortunately, I had taken a hair spa yesterday, so I did not wash my hair. But if I would've washed it, then I would be seriously happier.

I scrubbed all the otherwise ignored parts like feet, hands, elbow joints, etc. I don't like bathing for long; I usually bath for five minutes and come out of the shower. I hate to bath slowly. But today it was different.

After the bath, I wore my pretty dress.

I bought this from Vanity store for Rs. 4,000. This is my most expensive dress till now. I would say such dresses cost above Rs. 1,500, and you cannot help.

I applied a bit makeup and went down to meet friends. We later went to the street I was talking about yesterday.

This year, surprisingly, I met very less people. Though there were hundreds of people on the street, I did not meet my acquaintances. It was maybe because I did not search for anybody, and also that we were seeking for a peaceful place to spend quality time with each other.

Today I was with my best friends, instead of roaming here and there. We sat in a nearby Pizza restaurant for lunch.
After having pizza, along with talking, we left for our respective homes.

I was full with pizza and garlic bread, so I didn't have food after going home. I slept for an hour and then...sent photos to all my friends from my camera.

Slowly...darkness turned in, and with that the sparkling of lights. 

Pink and white coloured lantern.

Cherry red lightings.

Floating candles and sprinkled glitter.

How was your first day?

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