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by - October 08, 2014

Alright, this is just a small tip that I did today. I will definitely do it for the rest of the papers. I don't have much time as I still have to study 60% of the portion. We have Editing paper tomorrow, and it is more of editing and terminologies.And I'm already bugged with the 40% of the portion I have studied.

 Today was the Preliminary exam's first paper--Reporting. As this year's prelim won't be considered in the final marks, we all were relaxed. Though I had studied properly for the Prelim, I still was relaxed while writing the paper in between.

That time I realized that I was lacking few points in every answer that I wrote and in every answer that I left for option. Basically, the point of Prelim is to prepare us. So why not take the whole damn examinations seriously?

Even if you don't study, you at least know what your capacity is, how much you have studied, how much time is required, and it gives an idea of the overall paper. So, I thought about the drawbacks of today's paper, and thus I ended up with a blog post.

After coming back home from today's exam, after lunch, I sat down with today's question paper, took out a different coloured pen, and started writing all the drawbacks.

I wrote points like:

  • Time required for an (essay-type long) answer
  • Time actually that needs to be given for a particular, important answer
  • Deep studying of facts like years, names, places, etc.
  • Deep studying of the sub points
  • At least to read general knowledge answers once
  • Why did I leave this for option and attempted the other ones?

So when I will study for my finals, I would obviously refer the Prelim's question papers. I would easily come to know where I lacked last time and what could be done to improve.

Do you do any of this?

P.S. My question paper is not always shabby like today's paper. We had to rewrite a report, so there had to be some important scribbling on the paper. 

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