Frames On My Room's Wall

by - October 11, 2014

Finally, I am writing a post after two days. As tomorrow is Sunday, I won't have exam. Today was my relaxation day. After leaving the exam hall at 9:10 (50 minutes earlier than the end time), I came straightaway home. I wasn't feeling well yesterday and today too. So I had not studied yesterday. And today I attempted only 30/75, not even 50% of the paper. Such a disgrace!

Anyway, after coming home, I relaxed, had food, and then slept. And now I am watching India vs West Indies live match, and writing the blog on the notebook. It is so peaceful.

Yesterday, at last, my mom collected the remaining two frames. I failed to collect them, and they were ready long back.

How lovely my wall looks now! Just one decor is left, and my room will be ready. After that I will write a post on the new, painted room.

For making the picture inside the frame, I had to search the internet madly. While searching, I realized I could put a fashion illustration as well. I knew which quote I wanted to put. So I searched for the 'Work Hard Dream Big' like a mad cow, but couldn't find anything perfect.
So I decided to type the quote myself. I searched fonts. I couldn't get anything good. At last I chose the font I already had. And then the font size, font placement, and other things were thought about.
After that, I searched for the best illustration. Suiting a perfect image for the font style and the quote was difficult. I chose this image as it suited my personality, (dressing sense,) and the quote too.

 There had to be TPCG on the wall, without any doubt. I tried to make the logo darker in Photoshop. Though it appears the same like it was earlier, in reality, it actually is darker.

Remember the glitter image that we made together? This was what we were making it for. To know how to make it, visit this page.

I am in love with the room. I might shop bedsheet-sets and a flower to complete the room.

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