Checking Off the List

by - October 21, 2014

I have this habit of making a checklist whenever I have to go somewhere, or shop, or when there is lot of work to do. This habit is actually useful and helps me in many ways.

So tomorrow, I will again be going to one of the streets of my city to celebrate and meet old friends. For that, I needed some good things on me. I have purchased the dress and other stuff.
I made a quick checklist to make sure that everything is ready for tomorrow. I haven't done this just today; but I do this regularly. Checklists are my savior!

I wrote down a couple of things that I have to pack or keep ready by tonight. I'm done with hair spa and face mask. I have to finish applying nailpolish on the other hand's nails and also on my toe nails. Then I just have to keep makeup stuff, earrings, clutch and shoes ready. I bought a clutch just few days back. It has the most capacity to fill in stuff. That is why I am so excited to pack the clutch. I'm thinking of putting money, cellphone, tissues, perfume, and maybe a lipstick inside the new purchase.

Do you make such lists?

P.S. My fingers aren't fat.

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