Diwali & Exams

by - October 20, 2014

The most annoying thing ever could be exams right after an important festival. If the exams would have been conducted by the college it was agreeable; I mean I would have compromised on few marks here and there. But we have our university exams beginning right after three days of Diwali, i.e. on 28th of October.

It sucks big time. I don't know what to do. Though the first three papers of Prelims were easy and good, I'm scared for the remaining two. The Indian Regional Journalism and Journalism and Public Opinion subjects are going to kill. Unfortunately I was unwell during these two most important subjects during Prelims, so I had not studied or attempted the papers well. I had attempted JPO question paper of only 30 marks out of 75. 

I am not even in 5% mood to study. Who would be in a mood to study? Diwali is going on, and it is so tough to study. Mumbai University hasn't planned BMM's exam schedule properly. All my friends from other fields like B.Sc., B.Com., B.A.F., B.B.I., etc., have their exams in November. It is only we BMM students who have to suffer. Come on...three days gap only? You guys have to be kidding us.

We are in a mental dilemma: whether to enjoy or to study. If we enjoy, we would get less marks in exam, and if we study, we would be missing all the fun.
We constantly check the MU site to know if there is any news of exam postponement. Anyway, there is no news yet, which means, the timetable remains intact.

Now whatever I study for fifteen minutes or so, I only read once from the subjects JPO or IRJ; that too I study on tab. IRJ is tougher. Only students of Journalism would know my pain.


Anyway, I have collected the dress for the first morning of Diwali, which is on 22nd October. I am in love with the dress. I cannot wait to show it to you guys!

Goodnight; take care!

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