Tips While Solving Question Paper

by - October 29, 2014

Well, I've recently got two tips while I was giving my prelims. These are some basic, yet helpful tips.

I have two of 'em:

ONE | Underlining and Ticking the Important Parts of the Question

Well, sometimes, the question is so tricky, that you tend to miss out on a part of the question. For example, when they ask a question like 'Edit this paragraph thus checking its grammar, spelling, and punctuation marks; suggest a headline in six words', we usually start writing the answer, and when we reach towards the end, we sigh as we are happy that we finished the whole answer. In that happiness, we totally forget that we had to write the 'headline' too. We start with the next question, and after submitting the answer books we realize that we forgot to answer the whole question. Though this would just mean you lose a mark or two, but as you know, when you count the total marks, even a half-mark is important.

SOLUTION: While reading the question, underline the important parts. In my question above, I underlined the words rewrite, spelling, punctuations, grammatical and factual mistakes, and headlines.
After solving the question, I have a habit of ticking the question, which states that it is solved. So while ticking, I noticed today that I had underlined few words in the question. I solved them, and then ticked them, and only after that I ticked the question.
This trick enables you to exactly be sure that you have solved everything.

TWO | Crossing out the Options

Often you get confused if you have solved all the questions. The 'options' are always helpful in creating more havoc. In the end, when only few minutes are left for the bell to go, you are already tensed and are begging for extra time. And in that if you are not sure whether you have attempted all the questions, it is really sick.

SOLUTION: Always cross out the options. Once you cross them out, it makes everything easy, as now you know how many questions are without the 'tick'. Solve them as soon as possible; the time's running out!

What are your tips while writing exam?

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