Greeting Card #4

by - October 06, 2014

The other day, after I finished with the frame, I had some glitter left in the newspaper. As one of my close friends' birthday was two days after, I thought of making her a card.

Though the card sucked in the end when I messed up with the fonts, it was made with love. Here's a look at how I made it.

This card was made right after the glitter picture that I posted yesterday. Take a look at it before you proceed to this post.

Things you'll need-

  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Glue
  • Brush
  • A4 Size Paper
  • Glitter Pack
  • Pencil
  • Glitter Sticks


Take an A4 size paper, and fold it into half. Write the birthday message that you want.

Take few drops of water in the bowl, and add glue to it. Mix the two with a brush. Apply the paste on name of the birthday girl/boy. Sprinkle glitter all over it. Wait few minutes till it dries. Dust off the extra glitter.

Now decorate the remaining card. (I just hate how I've foolishly decorated the 'Happy Birthday' and the balloons. I wish I could redo it. This card was nothing like what I really do.)

I wrote a sentimental plus funny message inside. Thankfully, the inside page wasn't as ruined as the cover page.
In the end, I mentioned the name of all the people of our group.

How do you create a lovely, heart-warming greeting out of waste?

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